About PreviewMolokai.tv
This website and all "PreviewMolokai.tv" branded content was made possible through a grant from the County of Maui Office of Economic Development.
"PreviewMolokai.tv" is a small business seed project sponsored by the Molokai Chamber of Commerce.
(The content on this website does not reflect the views of the Molokai Chamber of Commerce.)
"PreviewMolokai.tv" is a video driven website designed to give small local Molokai businesses quality online marketing
exposure. It is also intended to be an educational resource for individuals wanting to learn more about Molokai's unique culture,
lifestyle, people, history, and environmental resources. Some of the videos have been produced as PreviewMolokai.tv branded
content while additional content has been produced by a variety of producers whose videos are publicly viewable on Youtube.